OVH Junior Program

The aim is to educate and instruct young people in the “ways of hunting” through active participation and instructional sessions both in the hunt field and kennels. A fund has been established by a generous donation from two Ottawa Valley Hunt members. The fund covers hunt membership fees and certain other expenses. It is anticipated that these young people will represent the Ottawa Valley Hunt at Hunt Festivals and the Hunt Trials, visit other hunt kennels, travel to hound shows as well as other related events.

Applicants must be:

  • No older than eighteen years old (as of January 1st of the year applying for the program).
  • Competent riders with access to a horse or a pony.
  • Committed to learning about the sport of hunting.

The programme covers topics such as:

  • Hunting terminology.
  • Turnout and etiquette in the field.
  • Responsibilities of the Hunt Staff including the Huntsman, the Whips and the Field Master.
  • The art of drag laying and land usage.
  • Hound and kennel management

Selection of candidates will be made by a small committee including the Joint Masters, the Huntsman and the Youth Coordinator. Waiver must be signed. If the rider is under 18, a parent must sign the waiver. For more information please contact:

To apply as a Junior, please complete the following:


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