MFHA Menbership: Required for Hunting Members

OVH MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION - (Application Forms Below)



A good idea is to practice riding in a group at all paces, to get your horse used to the excitement they would encounter in the hunt field.

Another good first step is to try out Capping or riding as a guest with us a few times. You may cap up to 4 times per year without becoming a member.   For more info on Capping, click here.

Fill out the OVH Membership Application. If you don't have a sponsor, that's ok: once your application is approved, you'll be assigned a buddy or mentor who will help you with your integration into the OVH, including riding with you during the hunts and explaining all the ins and outs of being an OVH member.

2018 OVH FEES - Membership and Greenbox  

Abbreviations:   GB: Greenbox (meal/social)            P/I fee: Proprietor/Initiation fee

Age:  on January 1, 2018    

NOTE:  HST of 13% is payable on membership fees and proprietor/initiation fees.



Voting memberships:

Patron Membership:  senior hunting membership privileges, including offer of fellowship of a Senior Social, Intermediate Hunting Member or elevation of a Senior Social Member to Senior Hunting status. Proprietor fees for new social memberships are included. Also receive recognition as a Patron of the Fox or Patron of the Hound, annual fee (note Patron dues cannot be paid online): $5,000 including HST

Senior Hunting (40 and up):  hunt, attend GB, host GB annually (buddy up for first 2 years), P/I Fee of $1,000, annual fee: $1,430 +HST

Senior Social (40 and up): attend GB, host GB every other year or buddy up every year, (no GB first year), P/I Fee of $1,000, can cap up to 4 times with reduced cap fee of $50 for Fall, and $25 for Spring, annual fee:  $590 +HST

Limited Senior Social: (for former senior hunting and social members with a minimum of ten years continuous  membership)  - attend occasional GB , do not host GB, keep colours,  annual fee $525 +HST 

Non-Voting Memberships:

Junior Hunting (up to 18): hunt, attend GB, no P/I Fee, do not host GB, annual fee: $200 +HST

Intermediate Hunting (19-39):  hunt, attend GB, no P/I Fee, do not host GB, annual fee: $605 +HST

Junior Social (up to 18): attend GB, no P/I fee, do not host GB, annual fee:  $100 +HST 

Intermediate Social (19-39): attend GB, no P/I Fee, do not host GB, annual fee:  $368 +HST

Absentee: (for former hunting and social members who have paid a P/I fee), receive news, keep colours, annual fee:  $100 +HST  

Proprietor/Initiation Fees

In addition to the annual fees above, Senior Hunting and Social members pay a one-time Proprietor/Initiation fee of $1000+HST, payable over 1 to 3 years with 50% on application. Option 1: pay $1000 + HST on application in Year 1. Option 2: pay $500 + HST on application in Year 1 and $510 +HST in Year 2. Option 3: pay $500 +HST on application in Year 1, $260 +HST in Year 2 and $275 +HST in Year 3.

 Greenbox Rules   

The host(s) of the Greenbox may invite up to five guests at no charge. These five guests do not pay the Greenbox fee of $25 per person. Hosts are also encouraged to invite landowners to their Greenbox - they do not count as part of the five guests, and do not pay the Greenbox fee. If you do not know which landowners to invite, please contact one of the Joint Masters for guidance.

Spouses of members and parents of juniors in the OVH Junior Program may attend occasional Greenboxes with the payment of the Greenbox fee but must notify the host of the Greenbox two or three days before the Greenbox. 

All other guests must be invited by one of the Masters, who will then notify the host of the Greenbox. These other guests include spouses of Cappers, members' immediate family, friends of members, and dignitaries. Members who wish to invite guests of this type must submit a request to one of the Masters. These other guests must pay the Greenbox fee.

The Greenbox fee should be paid to the: Treasurer, Secretary, the MFHs, or at the bar at the Greenbox.

NOTE: Only one greenbox per family (living in same household) per year is required. This means two hunting members would host one greenbox per year. One hunting and one social member would host one greenbox per year. Two social members would host one greenbox every other year. 




2018 OVH Membership Fee Types: