Trophies for most divisions, ribbons for top 6 in each class, great prizes and prize money.

The Ottawa Valley Hunt invites you to join us for a day of fun riding games. Open to all - you do not need to be a member of a hunt club. Put the skills gained at our cross-country clinic (July 21) to use!

  • Date: Sunday, August 11, 2024
  • Start time: 9 am
  • Location: 8935 Abb Road, Ashton, ON K0A 1B0
  • Cost: Classes are $35 plus HST/class ($39.55) with the option buy a day pass for $160 plus HST ($180.80) which lets you enter as many classes as you want.

Courses will be designed be retired FEI course designer and Lifetime Achievement award winner from Equine Canada, Paul Popiel.

Competitors will be judged on proper attire and turn out of the horse. Proper hunt appointments are a bonus. Horses’ suitability for the hunt field is the main attribute of the horse to be considered. Judge to be determined. A proper helmet is required.

Trophies for most divisions, ribbons for top 6 in each class and last year our sponsors generously donated loads of great prizes and $900 in prize money.


  • General Michal Gutowski Trophy – award for sportsmanship and horsemanship for a Junior.
  • Snowboots Memorial Trophy - awarded to the top Thoroughbred of the day.
  • June Lacharity Memorial Trophy- awarded to the best dress of the day.

Sponsorship opportunities

You can donate prizes, sponsor a class or sponsor a trophy. Please contact for more information.

Class list

1st Class: Horses are to be presented in hand wearing only a bridle. Handler will stand in front of judge to be inspected, then trot away to a certain point, turn around and trot past the judge on the way back. Handler may carry a whip. Turn out, movement, conformation and disposition of horse will be considered for hunter prospects. Excellent opportunity for young horses.

2nd Class: Lead line. Kids will be led around on a suitable horse or pony. The caller will ask commands and kids will have a blast.

3rd Class: Flat class. Horses will be ridden around the judge in a wide perimeter. An announcer will ask you to trot, canter and walk in both directions. Attire, turn out, gaits and training will be considered.

4th Class: Pairs on the flat. In pairs, riders will listen to the judges’ commands and in unison complete the tasks.

Tailgate competition: There will be an intermission for lunch. At this time there will be a tailgate competition at the trailers. Let the registration know by 11 if you want your picnic to be judged. There is no registration fee for this competition. A prize will be given to the top tailgate lunch spread.

5th Class: Field hunter over fences. Over a short course. Riders will have the option of jumping small (~2'3") or larger (~3') obstacles. Horse will be judged on suitability as a hunt horse.

6th Class: Pairs over fences (2'3" or 3'). Over a course a pair of ridders will ride over a course in tandem.

7th Class: Teams of 3 over fences (2'3" or 3'). A team of three riders will attempt to navigate a short course of fences, keeping together as a group.

8th Class: Modified “6-bar”. We will jump 3 verticals in a row. If you knock one down, you're out! The last obstacle will go up one hole each round. The last one to leave the jumps up wins.