Every Saturday and Wednesday in the Spring and Fall the huntsman, members and guests of the Ottawa Valley Hunt enjoy the excitement and camaraderie of riding to hounds.

The Ottawa Valley Hunt is a drag hunt in our principal territory in the Ashton area where we are privileged to ride across country over more than 1000 acres of land! After most hunts, members meet for lunch or dinner for a meal (called a “greenbox” at our clubhouse). This after-hunt gathering is included in your hunting fees. It is a much-valued tradition of mingling and munching with your fellow riders and social members.

Each hunt is divided into three fields, each with its own Field Master.

The First Field

The first field follows the Huntsman and hounds closely and is expected to jump, although there is a way around most jumps. First field is the fastest field and usually suitable for more experienced riders and horses.

The Second Field

The second field travels at a more modest pace and jumping is always optional.

The Third Field

The third field is for less experienced riders and/or horses and travels at a slower pace with no jumping permitted.

In all fields the Field Masters do their best to lead their field to a place where they will have a good view of the working hounds – a wonderful sight at any time! Its like riding in a real life postcard!

In addition to hunting and trail rides for members, there are also many social events including the Hunt Ball, a Landowners Appreciation Night, a July 1st celebration, etc. to name just a few! We believe in fun on and off our horses!

The OVH also runs other riding events open to the public. See Public Events for more information.

The OVH welcomes new members and cappers.