Would you like to try hunting but you are not quite sure what to expect?

Riding as a guest or “capping” provides you with the opportunity to try hunting and to decide if this is something you and your horse would like to do! Valid for one year you can purchase up to 3 caps per year – plenty of opportunity to fall in love with hunting!

When do we hunt?

The Ottawa Valley Hunt has two distinct seasons and cost of capping varies depending on the season.

In the spring

In the spring we trail ride/hunt on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and the cost to cap is as below:

Intermediates & Seniors

19 years of age and up

$50.00 (incl HST)


5 – 18 years of age

$25.00 (incl HST)

In the fall

In the fall we hunt on Wednesdays and Saturdays (and Thanksgiving Day) and the cost to cap is as below:

Intermediates & Seniors

19 years of age and up

$75.00 (incl HST)


5 – 18 years of age

$25.00 (incl HST)

  • Capping is limited to 3 times in the fall season
  • Package of 3 caps (can be shared) $200.00 (incl. HST)
  • Package of 6 caps (must be shared) $360.00 (incl. HST)
  • How good a rider do I have to be?

    As a general rule you and your horse should be comfortable riding outdoors with a group of horses. Depending on your and your horse’s experience you should choose which field you would feel most comfortable riding with. To allow different levels of riders to enjoy hunting the Ottawa Valley Hunt provides three fields:

    The First Field

    The first field follows the Huntsman and hounds closely and is expected to jump, although there is a way around most jumps. First field is the fastest field and usually suitable for more experienced riders and horses.

    The Second Field

    The second field travels at a more modest pace and jumping is always optional.

    The Third Field

    The third field is for less experienced riders and/or horses and travels at a slower pace with no jumping permitted.

    Coach’s cap

    We also offer a “Coaches cap” which allows coaches to hunt with us at no cost when accompanied by one or more students! This would be a great way to help your students build their confidence and really experience the joy of riding cross country.


    After your hunt you are invited to come and socialize with our members at our lovely clubhouse located in Ashton. Here you will enjoy a sumptuous dinner – all included in the price of your cap!

    How long do we hunt?

    A typical day of drag hunting takes 2 – 3 hours and then all riders are invited back to our clubhouse at the Hunt Farm in Ashton for a wonderful dinner (known as a greenbox) where the day’s events are discussed, the laughter begins and the fun continues.

    What if I need to change fields or I want to leave?

    If you are not comfortable with the field you are in (maybe it is too fast or too slow) or if your horse is misbehaving, you are permitted to change fields (with the permission of the fieldmaster) at the next check. If you feel the need to leave the hunt (perhaps because your horse has lost a shoe or is misbehaving) advise your fieldmaster, who will make sure you are accompanied back to your trailer by an experienced hunt member.

    1. 1
      Email masters@ottawavalleyhunt.com to arrange a suitable date
    2. 2
      Prior to hunt-day, check out the OVH hunt etiquette
    3. 3
      Fill out a capping form including a waiver and bring it with you on the day with your hard hat with harness and riding boots
    4. 4
      Your capping fee can be paid by e-transfer (purchases@ottawavalleyhunt.com, no password required), a cheque (made out to the Ottawa Valley Hunt) or cash on the hunt day. You can also pay by credit card using the PayPal button below.

    OVH Capping Fees