We welcome all riding lovers. It’s not about expensive tack, fancy horse or elite riding skills!

The Ottawa Valley Hunt is a drag hunt in our principle territory in the Ashton area where we are privileged to ride across country over more than 1,000 acres of land where we deliver:

  • the best sport, safely;
  • that attracts past, present, and new members;
  • from across the equestrian disciplines in challenging and fun activities;
  • that encourages a strong and interactive social OVH community;
  • while thoughtfully preserving and expanding our principle territory and beyond;
  • in a financially responsible and cost-effective manner;

so as to ensure the longevity and sustainability of the Ottawa Valley Hunt for future generations.

Choosing a group

Choose a group for your and your horse’s comfort and fitness level. During our cross-country and trail rides, we always offer at least two fields (groups) lead by a knowledgeable OVH fieldmaster for you to choose from.

When hunting, there are three fields – a first field that keeps up with the hounds and jumps (although there is a way around most obstacles), a second field offering a more modest pace and where all jumping is optional and a third walk-trot field that’s perfect for getting to know the hunt. During the course of each hunt, you have an opportunity to change to another field at any of the three checks, where the hunt stops to give horses and hounds a rest before proceeding to the next line.

How do I know if it is for me and my horse?

OVH offers many opportunities for you and your horse to come join us for a ride. Our self-paced public events where your team follows a plated course with optional jumping are a great way to get to know the beautiful OVH territory.

You can also attend our cross-country or trail rides or hunts as a guest (“capping”). This is a great way to test the waters. Valid for one year, you can purchase up to 3 caps per year. If you fall in love and want to become a member, we will deduct your capping fees from the membership fee! Note that coaches ride free with one or more students.

The membership page provides you with the information on joining the hunt, whether as an adult member, an intermediate member, or as a member of our fabulous junior program. We also host an Introduction to Hunting clinic every Fall. Watch our Facebook page to learn when the details are announced.

Messenger us or shoot us an email at ovh@ottawavalleyhunt.com. We’d love to answer any questions and get you in contact with seasoned OVH members.