The Ottawa Valley Hunt’s (OVH) junior program educates those 18 and younger in the ways of hunting.

Hunting is a fun-paced group activity that is non-judged and non-competitive. There is nothing quite like riding across beautiful terrain alongside other riders, smiling and having a blast together. Safety is important, so juniors need a properly-fitted riding helmet and a pony or horse that they can control. Both English and Western tack are acceptable.

With three fields (groups) to choose from, juniors can ride at their pace. They can ride with an adult or go by themselves if they are capable. Everyone rides behind the Fieldmaster who sets the pace for that group. Riders can change groups at breaks (checks).

1st Field

Walk-trot-canter-gallop and riders should be prepared to jump although it is always optional.

2nd Field

Walk-trot-canter and optional jumping.

3rd Field

Also known as hilltoppers. Walk – trot with no jumping.

Why hunt?

We welcome all riding lovers. It’s not about expensive tack, fancy horse or elite riding skills! By joining the OVH Junior Program you can:

  • Ride without the stress of competition or judgement
  • Add purpose to the skills you already have and gain new ones
  • Gain confidence overcoming challenges with a supportive group
  • Enjoy beautiful countryside exclusive to OVH members
  • Enjoy great camaraderie across all age groups
  • Develop a stronger bond with your horse

Applying to the junior program

Selection of candidates will be made by a small committee including the master/join masters, the huntsman and the youth coordinator.

A parent must sign the waiver. For more information, please contact masters@ottawavalleyhunt.com

In order to apply to the Junior Program, applicants must be:

No older than eighteen years old (as of January 1 of the current year).

Competent riders with access to a horse or a pony.

Committed to learning about the sport of hunting.

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The program will cover topics such as:

  • Hunting terminology
  • Turnout and etiquette in the field
  • Responsibilities of the hunt staff including the huntsman, the whips and the field master
  • The art of drag laying and land usage
  • Hound and kennel management
children riding horses