The 2023 OVH Triple Crown series consists of the Treasure Hunt and two Hunter Paces.

The 2023 Ottawa Valley Hunt (OVH) Triple Crown series consisted of the Treasure Hunt (May 22) and two Hunter Paces (July 9 and September 17). Each event awarded ribbons to the 6 best teams and the series awarded ribbons to the 6 best individuals.

2023 OVH Triple Crown series results

1. Rosie McNiece

2. Sherry Jackson and Jody Dewan (tie)

4. Jessica Graham and Stephanie Schouten (tie)

6. Taylor Noonan

Treasure hunt (May 22) results

  1. Jessica Graham and Stephanie Schouten
  2.  Sheena Joly, Kamilya Labelle and Rebecca Layer
  3.  Nancy Elver and Laura Tite
  4. Lolita Chartrand, Annie Côté-Dugas and Annie Lacroix
  5. Sandy Bradspies, Laura Hillary, Brittany Larkin
  6. Alix, Reese and Scarlett Oulahen

Hunter pace (July 9) results

  1. Susan Dobbs, Sue Hobin and Evangeline Wiens
  2. Tammy Hedge and Tanya MacDonald
  3. Jennifer Mirsky, Jackie Naida and Martin Rust
  4. Liane Argue, Mara Frew, Tina Hopson, Sylvia Kornherr, Ashley Meness, Jacqui Rail, Martin Rensud and Terry Whitford 
  5. Kyla Carroll and Julie Dalbec
  6. Heather MacKinnon, Sarah Mather and Alice Salway 

Hunter pace (Sept 17) results

  1. Clint and Tammy Hedge
  2. Carley Hutchinson and Cole Leblanc
  3. Emma Marion, Annabelle Martin and Natacha Thurler
  4. Sylvia Kornherr and Cynthia Pohran
  5. Don Francis and Khristine Lahaie
  6. Carolyn Burke and Maggie Kirkham