Combine your detective and equestrian skills for a morning of fun on a marked course across the lovely trails and variety of optional cross-country obstacles of Elysian Fields. Follow the poetic clues and collect the numbered bottlecaps to show that you have gathered all the treasures. An exciting challenge for both young and young at heart riders!

  • Date: Monday, May 20, 2024
  • Start time: Between 9 am and noon
  • Location: 219 Upper Dwyer Hill Road, Ottawa
  • Cost: $73.45/rider (HST included)
Twins jumping
  • Pre-registration and pre-payment required. Registration closes at 6 pm on May 19, 2024. No refunds on registration fees.
  • Waivers are included in the online registration process. Provincial association membership is not required. Proof of vaccinations/Coggins is not required although on the waiver you must attest that your horse does not have a contagious disease.
  • English and Western riders welcome. Dress code is casual. Safety helmets are mandatory.
  • Secretary’s booth opens at 8 am. Please register when you arrive with the names of the people who will be on your team. If you don’t have a riding partner and wish to be paired with someone, we can arrange that too! Take note of the number to call in case there is an issue while on course.
  • Riders ride in teams of 2 or 3 riders. Teams can start their timed course between 9 am and noon. The order of go is on a first come, first served basis.
  • Teams are given a sheet of clues and they navigate the course from one station to another, picking up a "treasure" (in the form of a numbered bottlecap) from each station. The team with all its "treasures" and closest to the optimum time wins.
  • Collecting some "treasures" may require dismounting. Mounting blocks or nearby logs are available. A fun job for the young and young at heart riders! 
  • The course runs over adjoining properties, so there is no need to ride on public roads or to cross public roads. The course is on grass and sand trails.
  • Stay on course and jump only jumps that part of the course. You are free to jump some jumps a few times.
  • If you encounter a slower team, please make your presence known and request to pass in a safe manner.
  • Take a copy of the emergency number at the secretary's booth. Report all falls to that emergency number or to the secretary's booth. If there is an incident that requires medical attention while on course, call emergency services.
  • Ribbons will be delivered or mailed out to the top six teams.
  • Portapotty on site.
Group at 2023 Treasure Pace
Treasure Pace beaver decoration
OVH members at 2023 Treasure Pace
Treasure Pace beaver decoration